Bonaire Top Rope Climbing Trip

We don’t have high mountains on Bonaire, but we do have some great limestone walls, perfect for top rope climbing. The scenery is awesome and the routes are very distinctive from one another.

The climbing area is in a very secluded valley. Because of its natural features there is always some shade and a breeze.

For the beginner or for the more experienced climber, this is a great place to be and to loose some sweat! Before we can go climbing you will need to climb down a 60 foot cliff. Go for it!

Useful Information

  • If you can not find the date or tour or you are a single person please contact us
  • You can pay cash only
  • Bring along proper footwear and good physical fitness
  • Please note we do not do tours with cruise ships due to their negative environmental and social impact on Bonaire.