Bonaire Cave Tour with Underwater Swim II

Price $65
Duration 2h 30m
Capacity 1 - 3

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The underwater scenery is unbelievable beautiful and serene. To enjoy this you need to have some training. I will teach you how to move underwater without stirring anything up and thus making it a safe tour.

Discover the unexpected mysterious world of our dripping stone caves and learn why they are so important for our ecosystem. Those caves are in a protected area and in a complete natural state. Some climbing is involved and this requires some fitness. 

In order to do the swim you need to do some underwater exercises first to see how comfortable you are underwater without stirring up anything from the bottom.

People who are certified freedivers will get a $10,00 discount.

Freedive certification required.

Useful information

  • If you can not find the date or tour or you are a single person please contact us
  • Minimum group size is 2 persons
  • You can pay cash only
  • Caving tours are only in the morning
  • Outdoor Bonaire is a certified CARIBSS cave guide
  • Our caves are natural without artificial lighting, handrails or footpaths 
    So bring along proper footwear and good physical fitness as some climbing/scrambling is needed
  • Freedive Certification is required
  • Please note we do not do tours with cruise ships due to their negative environmental and social impact on Bonaire