Bonaire Hiking Tour – 2.5 to 3 hrs

Price $50
Duration 2h 30m
Capacity 1 - 8

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About this Tour

This trail is just north of Kralendijk and on this trail we need to backtrack our steps. Many old and endemic trees and even orchids and epiphytes can be seen. In the wet season the fragrance of the flowers is awesome.

Bonaire has a lot of dirt roads and goat trails which are excellent for hiking. Hiking is a great experience because you will not meet many people… if at all! And because we are off the beaten track we will see plenty of wildlife. Some trails are for the unexperienced and others are for those who like to suffer a little more.

Useful Information

  • If you can not find the date or tour or you are a single person please contact us
  • Minimum group size is 2 persons
  • You can pay cash only
  • Please note we do not do tours with cruise ships due to their negative environmental and social impact on Bonaire.